Boy’s soccer turns their losing streak around

Doraliz Cruz

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The boy’s soccer team recently defeated East Valley High School 7-3. They also played an away game against Roybal winning 1-0.   

“I wasn’t wrong saying that our boys were gonna have luck, which they did against East Valley High School since Varsity won,” said Yahir Martinez, current soccer player. 

The boy’s first game was three weeks ago on Nov 17, where they played against rival school Bernstein High School losing 0-6. This is something the boys were not expecting from the opponent. Let’s not forget about their second away game against Mendez in which their score was also 0-1. On the other hand, the JV team’s score was 6-2 Hollywood losing to Mendez.

Now not only is R. Briggs helping out the boys but now they have a top head coach who is Coach Jason. Overall the boys made a big comeback winning their recent games. Their next opponent is Robert F. Kennedy High School and it will take place at Hollywood. 

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