Seniors explore options after high school at College Fair

Angelica Lorenzo

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Students spoke one-on-one to colleges at Bernstein High School’s College Fair to better understand their options after high school on Thursday, Oct. 28. 

Also called the College/Career Fair, the Marines Corp had a booth as well. The fair mainly held private and community colleges apart from the University of California-Irvine (UCI).

“It was boring but it was okay since you get to learn more about colleges. They really tried to pull you in but they didn’t give out the excitement that was needed,” said Jenny Rivas, a senior who attended.

The field trip, solely for seniors, was split up into two sessions for 9 am and 10 am, consisting of more than 100 students respectively. In total, around 203 seniors attended the fair, almost two-thirds of the senior class.

“Most people thought it was going to be from 9 am to 12 pm but I think one hour was enough,” said Xitlaly Magallon, a senior that attended the 9 am session.

Most notably, the University of La Verne and Holy Names University were looking to accept students on the spot; all students needed was their transcript. To obtain their transcript, students would’ve needed to go to the College Center to create a copy.

Although the University of La Verne didn’t attend, Holy Names University did. However, students still needed to be interviewed at a later time to be accepted. 

Despite the fair being crowded overall, the most crowded booths were for the University of Southern California (USC), UCI, and Los Angeles City College (LACC). In total, the fair had around 20 colleges, mostly in California, that held colleges from liberal arts to religious colleges. 

By the time the 10 am group arrived, some of the colleges had already been wrapping up their booths. 

“USC wasn’t there. LACC was there… then they dipped halfway. SMCC (Santa Monica Community College) was there but… they couldn’t really give us any information,” said Jenny, who attended the 10 am session.

All the booths had booklets full of information about their college but the most popular booths tended to run out. Students were encouraged to ask questions about the college and could ask more questions to the representatives another time if they got their business cards. To sign up for the college’s emails and possibly get mail from the schools, students could fill out the form they provided.

By nutrition, at 11:22 am, all seniors arrived back at the school. 

2 thoughts on “Seniors explore options after high school at College Fair

  1. I wish I had gone to the trip! It looked like a great opportunity to learn about more colleges that we perhaps might have not heard of before!

  2. It wasn’t that bad but I was a bit disappointed since some colleges left. Good job Angelica!!!!

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