Hurry if you want your senior portrait

Brian Pleitez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

This week the deadlines for the Senior Portrait makeups are due. Students who have not yet scheduled an appointment will have Wednesday, Nov 10,  and Friday, Nov 12, to go and take their photos. 

The process of making an appointment is pretty straightforward. Using the link will take you to the main page to schedule your appointment. 

At first, it will ask you for a code but students won’t need one and will just have to enter their state and school city. This will take you to another page where you will find Hollywood High as one of the schools listed. On the next page, students will need to type in their names to know their appointment code. From there, you can select “Schedule your appointment” and it will ask you to fill out some information and your appointment time. 

The cost of the senior portraits will vary. There are several packages with different prices. Pictures will be taken with either a red or white cap and gown. If you can not schedule an appointment online,  you can call customer service at (951)284-4029 or email for bookings. 

Senior portraits are just one of the many activities that seniors are able to participate in. “ I think that everyone should take the opportunity to get their senior portraits done before it’s too late because it holds lots of sentimental value for many. It is a great way to capture who you were at the end of high school and look back when you were younger,” said Yahir Martinez, SAS senior.

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