Key Club initiates their spirit

Erik Paxtor

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Key Club has had a slow start with the transition from COVID-19 to in-person which has been a little rocky for the board members.

“Usually Key Club is one of the most popular clubs at school and of course, I don’t want to bring it down or anything,” said Key Club President Giovanni Maya. Key Club is a service club in which students go help out our community by volunteering in events, drives, fundraisers, etc. 

Spirit Sessions were the first events that Key Club has promoted which happened last month. In these sessions, Key Club members from other schools get together and learn chants to show their spirit and pride for this club. “Spirit sessions have actually been pretty fun, you hang with other people and literally chat,” said Giovanni. 

Key Club has many events throughout the school year and the most anticipated event is the Fall Rally. This is when Hollywood High Key Club members have a trip to Six Flags and they chant with other schools. In order to go, one has to be a certified member and pay dues which are $11.50 and attend at least three Spirit Sessions to prepare for the chants. 

Key Club Vice President Belen Cruz is very passionate about this club because she likes the environment and the people she works with. “It makes me feel happy because it’s a cooperative club, we get to work on events and gather together as a big group, ” said Belen. She encourages people to join Key Club and has opened its doors for new members to sign up and start volunteering. They meet every other Thursday during lunch with Key Club sponsor Dr.Jirn, room 423.        

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