Girls basketball needs players for the JV team

Katherine Hernandez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Tryouts are currently being held inside of the big gym as the girls basketball season will be starting this month. Wendy Carter, their coach and the school athletic director, said she hopes to have enough girls to have a season. 

This year’s girls basketball team will not have a JV team unless more girls show up; there might only be a varsity team.

Recently another requirement has been added, proof of vaccination. Before, students needed to reach the requirement of grades, grade point average, and paperwork; now, students will need to be vaccinated and have a vaccination card to prove it. 

“No vaccination card, no play,” said Carter. 

Many students were not as excited about this because most are not fully vaccinated. 

The school district has mandated students, teachers, and staff as a whole  to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 10 regardless if you’re a student athlete. Though, athletes are required to have been vaccinated by Oct. 31. 

During quarantine, the girls basketball team had just enough players to play games but not the sufficient number for a team. 

“Because we were short on girls it made it very hard to catch our breath with these masks. We didn’t have girls to sub us which made it very difficult,” said Nadia Rios, the girls basketball captain, about her experience playing the previous season.

Despite the difficult season, Nadia still believes students should “get vaccinated to make it more easier for all of us,” and that it should be mandated.

As the season comes up, the girls are conditioning as much as they can. Students can talk to Carter after they’ve been vaccinated and updated their status.

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