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Kevin Ramirez

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Go check out the animation club and experience a new taste in anime at Hollywood High School. The animation club is run by Lisa Leconte in room 120 during lunch time on Fridays.

The club allows a place to relax, draw, and enjoy watching anime with the rest of the club members. In the past, the animation club was strictly about watching anime but that’s not what it’s all about now. “Originally it was just about watching anime but now it’s about drawing challenges and drawing original characters and challenging each other to drawing special characters and learning about animation and drawing animation,” said Leconte. “It’s lots of fun.”

The Club has recently started watching the anime series “Erased.” The anime is based on a 29-year-old male protagonist being sent back in time 18 years. He is sent back in time to prevent a series of events leading up to his mother’s death. These events start off with a series of kidnappings while he was in 5th grade. 

The club interestingly has two club leaders, Aminata Niane and Jessica Velasco. Both club leaders were already past club leaders from last year and this year people didn’t see a problem with them being club leaders again. Aminata said, “No one spoke up and decided they wanted to be leaders and overall I believe that the club is more of a relaxing area instead of a club that takes things seriously and has votes on who does what and who is in charge but if someone wanted to be leader we would definitely have a vote with everyone”.

Club leader, Jessica was the one to suggest the anime “Erased” for one of the options of anime they voted to watch and the club decided they wanted to watch that anime. She suggested this anime in specific due to it being a thriller, she felt like it fit perfectly for the Halloween spirit.

Not many people seem to know that the club exists or don’t seem to know where the club is. The club only has about nine members. “The club is actually really fun so I am actually liking it, it’s nice and very welcoming” is what NMA senior, Byran Duarte said on how he is enjoying the club so far. Join the club and the rest of the members with enjoying their watching anime experience.

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