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Mary Pogosian

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

You may be in a reading slump and want to start reading again, or you could be wanting to get into reading. The school’s book club that’s run by SAS freshman, Zaineh Saleh, recommended five books for the people who are looking for a new book to read. “These books are a variation of different genres that each individual seems to enjoy in our book club. Alternating the genres between the books you read is by far the most effective method in overcoming a reading slump,” said Zaineh. 

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder: 

If you are into mystery about a crime, this book is perfect for you. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is a young crime drama that follows Pippa Fitz-Amobi as she investigates a local murder that occurred five years ago in her town. Everyone in her town knows about the murder of Andie Bell, and that her college boyfriend Sal Singh was the murderer. Pip, on the other hand, isn’t so sure. There are simply too many loose ends and insufficient evidence. The more she looks into the case for her project, the more she believes Sal wasn’t guilty after all. If Sal wasn’t the one who did it, she becomes intrigued as to who did it.

Pride and Prejudice:

Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman in the 1800s, is the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice. The Bennet family has five daughters, and in an era when the only thing a woman could do was marry a wealthy man, all of the girls are under pressure to find affluent husbands to ensure the family’s financial security. Elizabeth, on the other hand, refuses to marry the first man who comes along, preferring to marry for love. She meets Mr. Darcy, a brooding, silent, haughty, and immensely wealthy gentleman who first has no interest in Elizabeth. He gradually is enamored with her wit and charisma. Elizabeth believes Darcy is the last guy she could ever marry, but as the narrative progresses, she realizes her preconceptions against him are unfounded, and he is a true gentleman who is merely timid. You wonder throughout the novel if they will be able to overcome their pride and prejudices and finally get married. 

It Ends With Us:

Ryle is a resident surgeon and Lily is a recent college graduate. The two of them meet on a rooftop after Lily’s father’s funeral. The book vividly depicts their instantaneous attraction to one another. They later begin what appears to be a beautiful and perfect relationship. However, their relationship appears to be deteriorating. The author does an amazing job writing this book because it makes you attached to the relationship and characters then breaks your heart as you understand what Lily goes through. Atlas, Lily’s first love, is depicted in flashbacks throughout the novel. When Atlas arrives in their city, Lily and Ryle’s relationship becomes even more rocky. 

Ugly Love:

Tate Collins and airline pilot Miles Archer create an undeniable attraction. The two decide to come up with rules to prevent themselves from falling in love with each other. Tate Collins knows that there is nothing that could go on between her and Miles Archer because they would barely get along as friends. The only thing that connects Tate and Miles is their unmistakable attraction to each other. They understand they have the ideal set-up once their wants are out in the open. He doesn’t want love, and she doesn’t have time for love, so they stick to a physical relationship. As long as Tate follows the only two restrictions Miles has given her, their arrangement might be surprisingly seamless. Miles tells her that she should never ask about the past and should not expect a future. They believed they could handle it, but the story shows otherwise. 

The Cruel Prince:

If you are into fantasy, The Cruel Prince would be a good story for you to read. Jude, a human girl living among faeries, is the protagonist of The Cruel Prince. She tries to blend in, but her tenacity and determination make her stand out among the royal family, where she dreams to be a knight. Jude has a twin sister named Taryn and an older Faerie sister named Vivienne. Taryn is more of a people-pleaser, but Vivienne and Jude are both quite rebellious and do their utmost to obtain what they want no matter what. The book begins as Jude’s parents are murdered and the three girls are abducted from the mortal world and transported to the Faerie realm. In this new location, Jude has a lot of adversaries from the royal family, which sets the setting for action-packed chapters–never there’s a quiet moment in the entire book. The plot is fast-paced and a little difficult to follow up with. Throughout the book, Jude seems to have a number of different ambitions, which leads to the introduction of new people. It was difficult to keep track of all Jude was trying to do and who had become her friend or who had remained her foe.

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