Girls Up Hollywood joins women’s march

Jenifer Mejia

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Students from Hollywood High School show their support at the reproductive rights march alongside hundreds of other people on Oct 2 in West Hollywood. 

It’s up to Generation Z to take action against serious issues such as women’s rights, according to the Girls Up Instagram page. Hollywood Girls Up club welcomes all members with an empowering message. 

“We as a generation must continue on with our own voice,” said Emily Montenegro, a SAS junior and a member of the Girls Up club who attended the women’s march.

Emily noted that there were posters, banners filled with empowering quotes, and to her surprise even men. “It was my first march and I felt so empowered to make a change,” Emily said. 

Members of the Girls Up club firmly believe in achieving a safe and comfortable environment for all the girls on campus. 

Emma Kaplan, a SAS junior and club editorial historian who also attended the WEHO reproductive rights march, said she was overjoyed to see all the people of different backgrounds share their stories. “The WEHO reproductive rights march was filled with so many women in positions of power within the city and seeing all these women, even men, walk the streets together, chanting as loud as they could to fight for our rights is something that never really leaves you, it’s monumental,” Emma said.

Girls Up Hollywood is led by Ashley Jung and Maria Carrasco. The club meets Thursdays at lunch in room 424. 

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