Senior Cabinet applications and events coming soon

Diana Morales

Crimson Chronicle

Applications for the Senior Cabinet will be opened in November; the five open positions include president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. Seniors will be able to register digitally or be nominated by their peers.

The pandemic caused a delay due to safety regulations, but now there will be a meeting discussing requirements for the positions along with information about events and merchandise. 

“As administrators, we’re looking forward to having safe senior activities during this time of COVID,” said Principal Samuel Dovlatian. 

The first meeting will happen on Nov. 3; meetings occur the first Wednesday of every month until June. The first meeting will discuss sweatshirt and t-shirt designs while the second will be about purchasing them. 

Principal Dovlatian and Assistant Principal Salvador Hermosillo will upload the senior packet revealing what activities and events will occur during the year. In order to participate in upcoming activities, seniors must sign a contract and send it to Hermosillo on Schoology. 

Seniors will be able to vote for the Senior Cabinet on a Schoology post in the Class of 2022 group. “The election campaigns and voting process will be completed before Thanksgiving break,” said Principal Dovlatian. 

Offering her leadership experience, skills, and dedication, Jimena Lopez, a presidential candidate, said she is open to hearing everyone’s opinion. “I hope to redeem the time of high school that we didn’t get to enjoy due to quarantine,” said Jimena. 

Furthermore, she plans to bring back Hollywood High School’s traditional events like Senior Breakfast, Grad Night at Disneyland, Aloha Luncheon, and a festival. “My biggest goal is for everyone to enjoy their senior year and for every event to be as memorable as possible,” said Jimena.

 She considers herself sturdy and punctual; with the help of the Senior Cabinet and fellow seniors, she hopes for an eventful year. Jimena wants to take control and host creative, thrilling events and help seniors with their graduation requirements. “I know what is involved in holding a demanding leadership role and I am committed to giving all of my time and talents to the senior office.”

Upcoming candidates are still to be decided until applications open up.

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  1. This is so exciting to hear! I really hope that the class of 2022 gets to have an amazing senior year!

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