Cross country perseveres

Diego Palomares

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

The cross country team competed in their third race this Thursday at Elysian Park against Robert F. Kennedy High School. Although they haven’t received their results for the other two races, they said they will continue to work hard and show what they are capable of.

Coming back to the season after the pandemic hasn’t been easy.

“There’s a lot of new people in the team. For a few of them, it’s their first time running three miles non-stop,” said Bryanna Bolaños, SAS senior and one of the team captains, “And for some of us, it’s been awhile since we last did something so physically demanding.”

In order to stay and prepare for their races, they train every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school.

The team is under new leadership as well, Laura Christian, a TCA mathematics teacher, volunteered after the previous coach left. With the help of Bryanna and Tirsa Aguilar, the other team captain, things have been running smoothly due to their prior experience in cross country.

Like all sports, cross country is physically demanding. What makes it even more challenging and difficult is the terrain because it can be very rough as well as uneven. It’s very important that runners don’t trip or they’ll hurt themselves.

However, many chose to be a part of this sport because they enjoy challenging themselves and staying physically active. “It helped me become more resilient as well as improve my endurance”, said Bryanna. “I’m looking forward to improving my PR”.

There’s no doubt that everyone who’s in the team will be excited about Thursday, however, it will also be a sad moment, especially for the seniors since the season is about to end.

“I’ve been doing this since freshman year and it’s sad to say goodbye because of the amazing memories I made with my teammates and coach,” said Tirsa, “It’s been a long journey in which I will carry with me in remembering the hard work my teammates and I have put to make it as fun as possible.”

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