Catch Dance Guard’s performance at Homecoming dance

Ashley Estrada

Crimson Chronicle Reporter

Dance Guard will not only be performing at the Homecoming game on Friday, but you can also see their performance at this year’s Homecoming dance the following day. 

If you’ve been to one of the home football games, these dancers know how to get the crowd going. 

Every performance is choreographed by the LACER dance coach, Kiva Davis White. The team is led by captain and assistant choreographer, Alex Flores. They have performed at every home football game. 

Alex, a PAM senior, has been dancing for more than 16 years and now he guides the young dancers. Alex was officially part of the team in his sophomore year. He said he is nervous and excited about this year’s performance.  “I’m nervous, excited, sad that it’s my last one,” he said. “Oh my God. But I tell you, like, a million emotions are coming my way.¨

Dance Guard will perform on the field shortly after the Homecoming game starts. They will dance to two songs and do some more dances. They will be performing for 2-3 minutes at a time, but Alex said he wants the team to shine and do their best every time.

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