Here are some tips for working as a student


Nehanda Akili

Chronicle Reporter

Every year, around the month of May students, start to experience senioritis. The phenomenon is a decline in motivation specifically targeting high school seniors. No one believes it’s real until you’re experiencing it. 

These feelings are only intensified and exacerbated by a job. Having a job is a necessity for many seniors who need to save for college or subsidize the income in their homes. 

Part-time students and minors may be able to manage this easier, but as soon as you turn 18 corporations push you to become full time and pick up more hours. 

I have been working consistently since I was 15. The shift from minor to adult was quite noticeable and caused a drastic change in my schoolwork and productivity. 

I found it harder to attend classes and cope with the work that was piling up working 40 hours a week and closing constantly. Working for a large company means a lot less sympathy for classes and situations like that. Especially as an essential worker. 

Even though I have caught up with work and school, I manage to complete all my responsibilities. Here’s a few tips from me and other student workers, for freshman, sophomores, and juniors, coming into their working careers.

Tip 1: Be firm and make sure you set your boundaries. When you’re working they’re constantly going to try to push you for more work. Never work on your break, if you do you should get more time. If they try to schedule you against your availability make sure you let them know that’s not okay. Don’t be afraid to call off or take your sick hours, you need time to rest outside of school or work. 

Tip 2: Have an Agenda. Planning out the work you’re going to be doing can be the easiest way to not fall behind. “I always stick to a routine. Block scheduling makes it easier but I do my homework according to the classes I have on any given day,” said PAM senior Amanda Brooks. 

Tip 3: Budget your time wisely. When you’re planning out your school work make sure you’re strategizing which assignment you do.  “You should always do the quick little assignments first. Don’t schedule a two hour assignment for 11 o’clock when you’ve got an Edpuzzle you can do,” said Li Culici PAM senior. 

Tip 4: Put real thought into your availability. When scheduling with your employers and working around your school schedule communication is key. Your employer can’t help you if you don’t let them know you’ve got other responsibilities. 

Being a full-time essential worker right now and trying to finish my senior year has been one of the most difficult parts of my high school career. I’ve managed to make probably every mistake in the book navigating it. I wish I used these tips and I hope they help you.  

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  1. As a student who works I can agree on this article to make time for all things and have fun and SAVE YOUR MONEY.

  2. Thank you for the tips since I plan to begin working later this year to save money for college and to gain experience.

  3. working during school and time managing is very difficult, i hope more students pick up on these tips.

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