Credit recovery begins June 22


Octavian Bridges

Chronicle Reporter

A credit recovery course, Edgenuity is set to be available starting June 22. The program allows for students to make up Ds and fails in their classes and will run until July 23.

When signing up for Edgenuity, there will be online courses provided with a limited variety of subjects such as English, Math, Science, History, and P.E. To take these classes, you will need to contact your counselors before it’s too late to enroll and sign up with the link below.

Students have the option to register for periods 1 and 2 either in person or online, but if you’re trying to register for all four periods, the two extra periods will only be available online.

For those who are missing credits.”It’s a very easy course, and it’s all at your own pace,” said Zucely Chavez, SAS senior. On top of that teachers also assist with work-related questions. Zucely was suggested Edgenuity by her counselor and is now on track for graduation.¨Without it I really wouldn’t know what to do,” she said.

Edgenuity login:

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