What senior projects looked like during a pandemic


Gabriela Salas

Chronicle Reporter

The Class of 2021’s senior projects looked very different this year as we continue to be online due to the ongoing pandemic. Presentations were done through Flipgrid, and afterward panelists asked a series of questions about the topics. 

“The senior project was definitely a challenge for most seniors during distance learning because it made it harder to find the motivation to do the work,” said Alondra Cortez, SAS senior. ¨But I’m glad we were all able to push through and do our very best.” Cortez’s senior project focused on Finnish education system. 

Christian Salas, SAS senior, who’s project spread awareness on air pollution said, “The senior project was a great experience. At first I was not sure if I was capable of completing it, but over time I felt more comfortable with it after receiving feedback from my peers and teachers.”

For shy students the senior project presentation was better this way than other years. Students said that making the video was less nerve racking than speaking live. The panelists watched the Flipgrid videos in advance and asked a variety of questions to each student during the live Q&A portion. There were three or four panelists in each room. Groups of three or four students met with panelists for about 30 minutes. Then a second group of students took their turn answering questions.

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