Congratulations to the Class of 2021


Maryuri Ramirez

Chronicle Reporter

The College and Career Awareness assembly was a recognition to the senior class of 2021 and their college acceptance and accomplishments, including such prestigious schools as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University.

The virtual assembly was hosted by assistant principal, Samuel Dovlatian, and principal, Dr. Mary Reid on May 21.  All grade levels were invited during the afternoon advisory period.

The special guest speaker, Dr. Wayne Smith from the California State University, Northridge, gave a special and motivational speech to the graduating class. Smith is a graduate from Hollywood High School. 

“As the seniors become alumni, I feel a little closer to them, and I look forward everyday to the things they are going to create, and the things they are going to contribute,” said Smith. “Congratulations to all the seniors on persisting throughout the semesters, you are delivering on the motto, Achieve the Honorable.”

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