Are you up to date with the College Center?


Griselda Salas

Chronicle Reporter

Class of 2021, don’t forget to complete the transcript request form by June 18, so that college counselor, Alyssa Pinedo, will be able to send out your final transcripts. You are able to reach the transcript request form at:

You should also add your college to your Naviance account. You first have to log on to Schoology from a computer and select Naviance from the icon with four squares on the right side. Then you click on “Colleges I Am Applying To.” Lastly, scroll down and choose the school you will be attending. Make sure to add your college to your Naviance account by June 18. 

A virtual school wide assembly to celebrate your college/career pathway will take place today with student-submitted photos.

Ms. Pinedo will be hosting Zoom meetings from Tuesday through Thursday from May 18 to June 3. You can ask her questions about financial aid, intent to register, scholarships, college portal, orientation, registration, and housing.

Meeting ID: 881 6691 2206

Passcode: 101112

For any questions and concerns contact Ms. Pinedo:

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