Who’s going back and who isn’t


Mary Pogosian

Chronicle Reporter

We didn’t expect schools reopening in the final month of the school year, much like we didn’t expect our “two week break” from the last school year lasting this long. While some students may be ready and excited for schools to reopen, others believe it is unnecessary. 

Many students feel as though schools should not open because of the numerous restrictions that would be imposed upon having students on campus. 

Those returning to school, will find that things have changed. School used to mean attending all of our classes and seeing friends and peers. Starting next week, school will consist of spending the whole day in one classroom with very few peers.

Another reason why students may think it’s unnecessary to attend school the rest of the year is because they don’t feel the need to be in a traditional classroom while still learning the same thing over Zoom. 

“I believe school opening is useless because we will be doing the same thing in schools and our homes. I’d rather attend my Zoom session in the comfort of my home than in an empty classroom,” said Genesis Saldana, PAM, sophomore.

Many students, on the other hand, are looking forward to school starting because it will allow them to be in a different environment since they’ve been home for over a year. 

Some students are looking forward to returning to school for the opportunity to hang out and socialize with their friends. Over the past year, students haven’t been able to see their friends due to their fear of the ongoing pandemic. Schools reopening will allow students to meet up with their friends and get education at the same time. 

“Since my friends and I haven’t  had the chance to properly see each other because of coronavirus scares, we are planning to attend school when they reopen so we can make up for the time we haven’t seen each other in the past year,” said Arsen Babasyan, TCA, sophomore.

Freshmen this year haven’t had the chance to walk on campus yet and they are getting impatient. Before this school year, freshmen were really looking forward to walking on campus as new high schoolers but due to the pandemic, freshmen haven’t had the chance to visit the campus. A few freshmen are thinking of attending school on campus to feel more comfortable and familiar with their new school. 

“I was looking forward to becoming a high schooler and finally seeing my older friends but it didn’t happen the way I had planned. I believe school re-opening could make freshmen feel more comfortable with the school if they got used to the campus before the next school year,” said Harut Antikyan, PAM, freshman. 

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