Welcome new ASB 2021-2022 Board


Christian Guevara

Chronicle Reporter

The race is finally over and we can now welcome the 2021-2022 ASB board, after the extended debate for Vice President. Giovanni Maja succeeds in the neck vote off VS. Ashley Jung, while Belen Cruz and Henry Rodas claimed their spots early on in the race as president and secretary. The Crimson Chronicle welcomes and congratulates the victors on their success with a brief interview. 

After discussing with Belen Cruz, the new president, she expresses that even if she hadn’t won, which she did, she and the rest of ASB would still give Hollywood an amazing experience in their final year of high school. The future ASB president also shows extreme gratitude and thankfulness to the voters. 

Cruz said, “to those who voted for me, I’d like to thank them for their support because I would not be here if it weren’t for them. I’d like to thank them for believing that I am suited for this position.” She is ecstatic about her victory and describes it as “a larger part of the student experience at Hollywood.” She hopes to restore the school spirit that was lost during the pandemic along with safely establishing student involvement.  

Giovanni Maya describes his success as, “weight lifted off my shoulders” after his extended 2 weeks of campaigning. Giovanni said that he had fun creating his Instagram posts and rattling up the audience with his videos. The vice president faced personal troubles during this semester but was determined to show up and uplift the student body. He plans to engage the Hollywood High community with new events or just by communicating with one another. Giovanni said he smiled “ear to ear” after receiving a tremendous amount of support from his peers. 

Maya said, “I truly admire the resilience and empathy that everyone in Hollywood High’s student body has shown and wish us all the best in our future endeavors.” 

Unlike the other candidates, Henry Rodas got an automatic win since he was the only one who ran, but that does not degrade his victory any less. He is extremely thankful for his spot on the cabinet.

“I feel pretty glad about it as I am excited to start as the new ASB secretary.” Said Rodas

The three new party candidates show an extreme amount of sheik pride and can’t wait to bring the class of 2022 a wonderful experience during their time in charge. 

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