Sheiks confused by new schedule


Christian Guevara

Chronicle Reporter

LAUSD’s new  “hybrid schedule” which consists of students who will attend school in person and off-campus, began this week. Though the campus opened on Monday, freshmen returned on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by the other class-men on Thursday and Friday. If you were in Advisory H, you will be coming Tuesday/Thursday and every other Monday. If you were in Advisory L, you will be coming Wednesday/Friday and every other Monday. 

After hearing multiple complaints and questions during advisory, it is clear many Sheiks are confused and aren’t too sure of the hybrid schedule. 

SAS senior Sean Cayetano said he didn’t think the new schedule was “necessary” since the one prior has been working smoothly and students are comfortable with it. 

SAS junior Sophia Guevara noted that since the faculty didn’t host an assembly it brought an “uncertainty” to most students, which is why it’s much harder for students to “adjust” to the new schedule. Being that she is a junior, she hopes that the schedule for her senior year is more clear and back to how it was her freshman and sophomore year. 

Some students were quite simple with their responses such as Sasha Corcuera, SAS senior who wasn’t even aware of a new schedule, and SAS senior Angelica Whipple, who found waking up earlier for class more of an inconvenience. With the new schedule, people off-campus will now have advisory at 8:30 am whereas those who attend class begin at 9:00 am. Also, those who are on campus have double advisories during the day, giving those who are at home more breaks.  

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