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Melisa Lovos Palacios

Features Editor

Earth day is an annual event, and takes place on April 22, in means of demonstrating support, protection, and the importance of natural resources and the environment. This event first began in the year 1970, and since then has progressed to allow a range of events, globally, in more than 193 countries. 

Celebrate Earth Day with eco-friendly do-it-yourself activities and decorations.

Try these activities:

  • Make wildflower seed bombs by mixing together pieces of construction paper, water, and wildflower seeds in a food processor or something similar to form small ball shapes. Afterward, let it dry and toss it to the ground, and as the seeds receive sun and water, the paper will compost and the seed will germinate. 
  • Create a quilt: Recycle old material from around your home, thrift stores, or from family members.

  • Create a hanging garden by using a large plastic bottle, cutting it, and filling it with soil. This can be used to plant a variety of plants that you may prefer. 
  • Recycling to make Art is a great way to make something beautiful and eco-friendly. 

A Fun Earth Day Recycled Garden Activity – We Are Teachers

  • Tin can recycle luminaries: Cut up some tin cans, paint them, and light them, in the design you best prefer, making a nice and eco-friendly decoration for your backyard, or anywhere you prefer.

  • Make a recycled can chime for your backyard or front porch, using only cans, paint, string, and your imagination.

Have a great Earth Day this year trying some of these DIY decorations and projects, or others from the website linked below. 

Earth Day DIY decorations and projects website:

Get informed reading about Earth Day’s history, or watching an informational video, both linked below: 

History of Earth Day website:

History of Earth Day video:

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