College Board releases AP Digital Testing app


Guadalupe Dominguez Trujillo

Sports Editor

As Advanced Placement exams approach, the College Board launches their AP Digital Testing App. 

With the College Board announcing that students will have to take the full exam, unlike last year, new measures are being taken for the security of those taking the test digitally. Students will be taking the full length exam, meaning they will be tested on the entire curriculum. For test scores to be fair, the College Board is not allowing students to go back and forth between questions. No student will be able to use outside resources such as study guides or notes, all students will be tested at the same time, and all exams will be tested for plagiarism. 

A preoccupation among students is the stability of their internet. The organization has worked their way around this issue as internet connection will only be needed at the beginning and end of the test. As long as a student has internet connection before starting the test and towards the end there should be no issues with submitting the exam.

Both students and administration should now be able to access the AP Digital Testing App and take the digital practice. Downloading it now will allow them to know whether or not their device is compatible. As of now, all Mac, Windows, and Chromebook users (school managed or not) should be able to download the app. Taking the digital practice test will also allow you to know how the app works before your testing date. 

Along with downloading the app and taking the digital practice exam, the College Board is reminding students that they must complete an exam setup 1 to 3 days before taking their exam. On the day of the exam students should log on thirty minutes before to ensure the app is running on their device. Students remember that you must only be signed in to the app on one device. If you fail to check in on the app before your exam you will have to schedule a makeup exam. 

In case you missed the AP Testing Update Zoom meeting hosted by college counselor Alyssa Pinedo on April 8, make sure to assist the one being held this Thursday,  April 22. If you have any questions but can’t assist, email Ms. Pinedo at

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