Your next favorite dramedy: “Genera+ion”


Guadalupe Dominguez Trujillo

Sports Editor

The new HBO sensation Generation will have you opening HBO MAX every Thursday night. 

“Generation” is produced by Emmy winner Lena Dunham, directed by Daniel Barnz, and stars Justice Smith, Chase Sui Wonders, Haley Sanchez, and Uly Schlesigner. It follows the life of highschool teens in Southern California. Chester played by Justice Smith is your classic jock but with a sense of style. Although friends with half the school he doesn’t escape the loneliness that comes with being a teen. Among the friend group is also Riley who, like Chester, enjoys the rebellious life. After being kicked out from her last school she turns to photography for comfort. While RIley’s parents are there physically, emotionally they are absent, leading to her struggle with anxiety. Crushing on Riley is Greta, portrayed by Haley Sanchez. While her mother is miles away due to her deportation she is living under the care of her aunt. Joining Chester and Riley on their spontaneous trips Greta slowly strays away from the shy and introverted girl she used to be. Finally we meet Uly Schlesigner as Nathan. After coming to terms with sexuality and with courage that was given to him by getting high, Nathan decides to come out. Not only are his parents there but also family friends as he comes out at his older sister’s engagement party. But the reaction he receives from his parents is unexpected. 

Many on social media weren’t the biggest fans of the show. This was because many expected it to be more like the other HBO favorite “Euphoria”. “Generation” is definitely more PG-13 and lighthearted, but this was to be expected. Originally the show was supposed to be a book according to Zelda Barnz, one of the writers of the show. Barnz being only 19 years old is what makes the show different. It isn’t everyday when a show revolving around teens in highschool is written by a recent highschool student. 

After watching the first few episodes and finding out they were written by a 19 year old, my interest spiked. My biggest complaint with highschool dramas is the inaccuracy because usually people behind the shows are in their late twenties so it has been years since they have stepped foot on a highschool campus. Generation is definitely a refresher and although not completely accurate it’s definitely a great start. I enjoyed how realistic both the characters and their problems are.

The first four episodes are on HBO Max. New episodes are released every Thursday, starting tomorrow March 17.

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