The Sheik soul


Heriberto Rodriguez

Chronicle Reporter

The halls of Hollywood High – prior to these unfortunate times – used to be filled with a special vibe. The average student who attended school in person knows this very well.

Collective individualism was a common sight when walking around campus. For some reason, many students acted as if one were invisible, even if some were friends. No saying hi, no asking you how you are, no nothing. That made part of the Sheik community.

We are characters in everyone else’s lives; you may even say extras. Hollywood High’s soul – that is, the student “community” – wrote its own story which still persists today. Maybe not as of right now, but as in that “today” in which we all left last March, not knowing that many of us would stop seeing our friends, teachers, people at all. That today seems as if it has been paused, waiting to be resumed, and it virtually is. That today is our school’s culture, which has been physically missing for almost a year.

Our times have changed in a matter of months; have students and teachers yet adapted to actuality? That is subjective; for it one will never be able to know at the moment since we are still undergoing through these catastrophic days; nor do we know when normality will return. Thus, the person continues making adjustments to his or her self. 

Will this mean a radical change for both students’ mindsets and future school life? So is unknown nowadays: all the faces we all saw once at our campus may have graduated already by the time school is reopened. Therefore, a new era of Sheiks will arrive, and continue the development of the school’s society as we left it.

That still-living soul of ours which lived prior to the termination of the physically-active student world, whether we think of it as null, or dynamic – that is subjective – continues to shape the holistic spirit that was once seen by the average student, and was what made Hollywood High’s personality, which now, although not at a material level, still persists in the virtual world.

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