Safe schools include new Daily Pass


Mary Pogosian

Crimson Chronicle

Due to the pandemic, the Los Angeles Unified School District was forced to close down schools and instead students have been learning from home. In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment adjustments will be made to traditional classrooms as students return. LAUSD has introduced their plan as Safe Steps to Safe Schools. 

This safety plan includes the use of a new online tool known as the Daily Pass. Along with being able to schedule COVID-19 test appointments and receiving the results this tool will be used to complete daily health checks. Before staff, students, and other visitors enter they must have completed the health and temperature check. Along with questioning if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, it will remind you to wear your mask properly and to complete a temperature check upon arrival. 

LAUSD is also asking families, students, and staff to commit to Healthy Behaviors. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 everyone must wear a mask, frequently wash their hands, and practice social distancing. 

COVID-19 testing will also be crucial for the safety of staff, students, and families. LAUSD plans on having everyone on campus tested on a regular basis. Getting tested for COVID-19 will help to prevent the virus from spreading at our school by letting the district know where the virus is in the community.  As a LAUSD student or employee you are able to get tested for COVID-19 at an LAUSD site for free. 

To schedule an appointment visit:

To get your LAUSD ID Number visit:

LAUSD Daily Pass:

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