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Cristal Rincon

Entertainment Editor

Despite being online, the library continues to engage with students to emphasize the importance of reading. This month, the library is promoting an advisory Book Talk Challenge to encourage discussion about our favorite books.

A book talk is a brief recorded presentation about a book you’d like to recommend. It should not be like a formal book report, but rather a commercial for your book. You can talk about anything from the plot, a character, or the overall mood of the book, but the goal of your book talk should be to persuade listeners to read the book you’re recommending. Try to make it as fun and exciting as you can. 

All advisory classes are eligible to participate. Those who participate will get the chance to win various prizes. The three advisories with the highest percentage of book talks will win a drive-thru Ice Cream Social, and the three students with the best book talks will receive gift certificates, as well as the opportunity to do an Instagram live event or post their videos on the school’s book recommendation Instagram account. 

Video submission should be two to four minutes long and must discuss one or more books. Audio recordings are also allowed, but keep in mind that Instagram does not support audio files. The deadline to submit is April 23. 

Once you’ve completed your book talk, share the file with librarian Sherri Whitham using the email and via your LAUSD account. Additionally, fill out the following form with your information:  You can find examples of book talks on the Instagram @hwood_reads, or on this presentation:

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