How seniors feel about their final year


Griselda Salas

Chronicle Reporter

This semester started off with online learning and with the probability of going back to school being low due to the current high rates of COVID-19 cases.

Seniors have been affected by online learning because they haven’t had the opportunity to engage in any senior activities. Many students await their senior year to participate in these activities. Some of these senior activities include the senior breakfast, the panorama picture, senior portraits, prom, grad night, among other things.

“This senior year, without any exciting activities occurring, has definitely been a major downfall,” said Christian Salas, SAS senior. “I was motivated to start off my senior year, but the pandemic has completely changed everything. I sometimes struggle to find ways to keep myself motivated. I’m now just looking forward to graduating and moving on to college.”

Senior year is the most awaited year because it is full of excitement. It is exciting because these students are close to finishing off high school and are able to participate in activities that would leave them full of memories. This senior year hasn’t been as exciting because we were submitted to learning from home, which led to many seniors being unmotivated.

“I felt bad at first, but then it slowly went away because disappointment has happened so many times this year,” said Elan Bernardo, SAS senior. 

“It sucks. Thinking back, I remember feeling bad for the graduating class of 2020, but looking at it now I feel worse for my Class of 2021,.” said Leslie Rodriguez, SAS senior. “ At least the Class of 2020 were able to get a yearbook, senior portraits, their sweaters; we have gotten nothing but stressful and restless nights, filled with homework and anxiety. I wish the circumstances were better to be able to enjoy our senior year the way we were meant to. But for now, having the diploma in my hand is what I’m looking forward to most!,” 

Whether we go back to school on campus or not, there isn’t much time or certainty of having some senior activities. 

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