Senior Class of 2021 Assembly: Updates


Maryuri Ramirez

Chronicle Reporter

On Feb. 24, seniors were invited to join a webinar with the principal and the senior committee to discuss the different events that they have planned for the graduating class of 2021.  

Senior Activities

The senior committee has planned one senior activity per month. The senior activities will be virtually held on zoom. 

The senior Vice President, Angelica Whipple, announced that the first senior activity will take place March 25, and it will be a talent show. Seniors will have the opportunity to send in videos of their talents. 

The second activity has been planned to take place on April 23, and it will be a mixer. The senior committee is hoping that the mixer will help seniors from different SLCS get to know one another.


There are currently four options for seniors to decide on which type of prom they would want. 

Students have the option to vote for the following prom suggestions: wait to see if students come back on campus to schedule a prom, have a drive-through prom, have a virtual prom with a DJ, or postpone prom for summer or next year. 

Seniors who want to attend prom will have to pay. There is still no information about how much a prom ticket will cost. 


There are three options for graduation that have been proposed. 

Students also have the option to vote for how they would like to have their graduation ceremony. The options are to wait for students to return to campus so that they can graduate at the Hollywood Bowl, have a virtual graduation, or have a drive-through, parade-style, graduation. 

The school is hoping COVID cases go down by June, to graduate at the Hollywood Bowl. 

Cap and Gown

For those who want to buy the cap and gown, the cost is $8.49. If students do not want to purchase or can not afford to buy the cap and gown, renting is completely free. 

However, do note that the last day to order the cap and gown is March 1. 

The requirements for the white gown have not been announced just yet. On the Hollywood high senior page on Instagram, it was said that the requirements for the white gown will be announced shortly. 

To order the cap and gown, the application can be found in the Hollywood High School Website in the Senior Class of 2021 Information Page under the tab called “Graduation Information”. 


The yearbook has been available for pre-order. The price of the yearbook will increase each month. 

Senior Quotes

Senior quotes were due Feb. 8. However if seniors did not submit they will have the chance to submit their senior quotes in the Grand Senior Class Survey. 

The Grand Senior Class Survey will be posted in Schoology by Samuel Dovlatian. 

Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are taking place at Fotorama Photography Studio located in Gardena. Students have until Feb. 28 to get their pictures taken. Prices vary depending on the set of pictures you would like to take. 

Seniors can wear whatever they want. When they arrive at the studio they will be given formal attire for the pictures. 

If seniors decide to take more than the senior photo, they will need to wear formal clothing. 

For students who can not afford the senior portraits or are not able to go to the studio, they can take a picture on their phone, however, the picture must be formal. 

In the meeting, it was mentioned that the yearbook teacher, Lisa Leconte, wants a picture with a dark background. Assistant Principal, Samuel Dovlatian, recommends having lights, for the students’ faces to be seen clearly.

The Grand Senior Class Survey

In the survey, students will choose what option they like better from the proposed options of prom, graduation, virtual senior activities, senior song selection, Senior Sweatshirt, and T-shirts. 

If you missed the webinar, The “Class of 2021! Senior Class of 2021 Assembly” video has been posted on the Hollywood High website. 

Senior Class of 2021 Assembly Video:

Senior Class Survey:

Cap and Gown Application:

Yearbook Store: 

Senior Portraits Number: (323) 587-6688

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