HBO Max: The new form of watching movies?


Brandon Ascencio

Chronicle Reporter

We are currently reaching almost a year, since our world was hit with a global pandemic. We have lost many fun activities thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, one of them being going to the theaters. When this pandemic started, theaters were closed down completely, and many movie studios like Paramount or Warner Bros. decided to hold off on releasing movie projects for when the theaters are opened again. So what about audiences? 

Many of us movie watchers turned to watching the big company Netflix. However, Netflix isn’t a company that releases big time movies, especially new ones. So many of us were stuck watching the same shows, or similar movies. Still, no big theatrical releases. For many, Netflix wasn’t the best form to cope with lack of movies. So what now?

HBO released a streaming program similar to Netflix by the name, HBO Max. HBO Max was said to release certain shows and movies; however, many people just thought it would be the same case as Netflix. Only old movies. There were rumors “Wonder Woman 1984” was planned for release but many didnt know when, or even where it would be released. It wasn’t until HBO Max spoke out that they were releasing the movie on their new streaming service. HBO Max came in November 2020 to announce that movies were coming in and coming in hot into HBO Max. Movies were coming back?

Movies were coming back! During the month of November, HBO Max had announced two popular releases. “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Justice League: The Snyder Cut”. Soon came December and surely enough, “Wonder Woman 1984” came out. Though the movie wasn’t received well, many people enjoyed being able to watch a movie within their own home, and in a safe place.

Aside from the movies announced this year like “Mortal Kombat”, “Godzilla vs. Kong”, “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, there are many more to be announced. There are also shows that are releasing on HBO Max, such as “Adventure Time Obsidian”, “Game of Thrones” and an HBO original, “His Dark Materials”.

While personally I do not own HBO Max, I know plenty of people who are currently using the streaming service. They’ve allowed me to look around at the service. The movies appear in full quality HD and have plenty of options. The service has a wide variety of movies and shows that came out recently or even back to before the pandemic. You can pause, fast forward, and go back just in case you missed a piece of a movie. Personally I recommend this a little more than other services like Netflix mainly because of the wide variety of films. Apart from its amazing features the price is definitely worth it. $14.99 is definitely worth the wide variety of movies you can watch. Not to mention to the fact that it’s also safer to be able to watch it with anyone at your own comfortable space, and a bonus, since you are in your own home, free snacks!

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