Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day safely


Melisa Lovos Palacios

Features Editor

Almost 11 months in Quarantine due to Covid-19 cases still high in the Los Angeles County and many other places around the world. Unfortunately, but for safety reasons, there is a limit to the ways we can celebrate Valentine’s Day with our significant other, our families, and our friends. With just a few days until Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate, just as we did with previous holidays, in creative, cheap, and safe ways, where we can maintain social distance, wear our masks, and even stay in the comfort of our own home. 

Create these easy DIY decorations:

  • Make a Heart-shaped rag wreath with a foam wreath and fabric of different colors, to decorate the door to your room.  
  • Make a Heart-shaped plate, using oven-baked clay to form the heart-shaped plate and when it’s ready, you can place a small gift onto it, such as a necklace for a significant other, or a rose for a friend.
  • Make a Painted mason jar lantern by painting on the inside of the mason jar or other glass jar and placing a battery-operated light on the inside, when the paint is dry, adding the last touch with a ribbon on the cap.
  • A candy heart garland to decorate your wall is a fun idea to spend your afternoon creating with the younger ones in the family. All you need is colored paper cut into hearts, string, and your own messages.
  • Make heart tassel charms for your loved ones, with yarn and your sewing abilities.
  • Create letter artwork with wood and paint, with your own special phrases.
  • Make a candy heart Valentine bouquet with heart candies at the base of artificial roses, and a ribbon in the middle of the glass vase.
  • A blossoming letter monogram would make a perfect decoration, and you only need a letter monogram, artificial flowers of your choice, and glue.
  • Make a string heart picture with your significant other or your friends, by shaping a heart, with nails, on a board and latching red string onto it, in the color of your choice. 
  • A heart branch tree vase makes a pretty decoration for your desk, and all you need is twigs, small paper hearts, a vase, paint, and glue.

Make these delicious treats:

Enjoy these tips to make a fun date night, movie night, or a family night this Valentine’s Day, safely and with your loved ones.

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