Failing students have more time


Sidney Gonzalez

News Editor

Students who have any failing classes have until January 29 to get their grade up to a passing grade.

On Monday afternoon, teachers were informed during a staff meeting that no students were going to fail this semester. Instead, the class would momentarily be marked as incomplete. This does not mean that no one will fail, just that students will have an extended period of time in order to achieve a passing grade.

Students who are failing will receive a form with their missing assignments, which will then need to be signed by a parent and the student. On this form, the student will have to request extra time in order to submit the assignment. If a student does not turn in this form, they will not receive the extra time for the assignments and their grade will remain as is. 

Besides turning in assignments, individual teachers will decide on how they will allow a student to raise their grade. Some teachers will assign further assignments to be completed during winter break, others will look toward Edgenuity, or any other online work programs  like AP Classroom and Khan Academy. 

With this sudden notice for teachers, there are various opinions on the decision and different approaches to this. Some teachers have decided to only let the student raise their grade to a passing one while other teachers will be allowing students to raise their grade above that.

It is important for the students to ask the teacher whose class they are failing, directly, what their approach to this is. With a variety of possibilities, it is important that you are aware of what you will have to do and that you do it on time.

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