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Julia Rouillard

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With finals coming up it may lead students to feel stressed or anxious. For the week of Nov. 30 to Dec 4 ASB Leadership showcased a mental health awareness week to help students feel more at ease and have solutions when dealing with stress and anxiety with exams coming up. In charge of this event was SAS sophomore Ashley Jung. 

“The pandemic has led to many unfortunate events and has caused a lot of stress and anxiety to students. Online school has been rough and the way students are handling it has been difficult. So I wanted Mental Health week to show students that there are people who are open to help and resources that may possibly be useful.” said Ashley on why she chose to do this event. 

On Monday and Tuesday videos and lists were posted for students on Schoology to get tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety. On Wednesday Sheila Richman and Sandra Cervantes held a meeting to help students get insight and advice on the stress of finals and online academics. Presenting a slideshow with tips and doing breathing exercises right when entering the meeting to get an idea on what to do to calm down a bit. For the last two days a Kahoot was chosen and played to get students’ minds off of finals for a few minutes and have fun. 

While some students are dealing with stress and anxiety a few aren’t, “To be honest I’m not super stressed out about finals, considering I only have a couple. But I am stressed out about all my assignments and catching up on my classes. To deal with the stress from that I usually just listen to my favorite songs or watch my favorite TV shows to relax a bit.” said SAS junior Belen Cruz. 

7 Tips on How to Beat Exam Anxiety:

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UCLA Community Provider Database for students. Lists several community resources in the Los Angeles area that you may help with any stress or anxiety:

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