LAUSD school campuses close once again


Griselda Salas

Chronicle Reporter

As of Wednesday, Dec. 9, Hollywood’s campus will remain closed until Jan. 11. 

Since COVID-19 cases have dramatically risen in the Los Angeles area, Superintendent Austin Beutner decided that it was no longer safe to have any staff or students on campus. His decision to close down school campuses came after Mayor Eric Garetti enacted a Stay at Home Order. 

Superintendent Beutner announced on Monday that the district will completely shut down all of the campuses that were partially open for one-on-one and small-group tutoring and services, training for student athletes, and child care services. As a result, more than 4,000 students will be affected along with staff members who were working on campus.  

“Schools in Los Angeles can’t consider reopening until the spread of the virus is at much lower and safer levels. And when the community spread of the virus is reduced, the federal and state government must be ready with direct financial and operational assistance for schools,” Beutner said in a video message posted on the district website.

The goal still remains the same which is to have students safely return to school as soon as possible, and to offer students in-person instruction and engagement.

 Free COVID-19 testing is still available for students. Covid-19 results will provide important information that will be needed to reopen schools in the future. 

Superintendent Beutner said he wants to remind Californians that it is important to take the proper measures in order to help students return to school safely.

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