Letter to the next president

Edwin Sandoval

Chronicle Reporter

Dear Future President,

I want a leader who takes responsibility for the country’s problems. This year has consisted of many racial, health, and political issues in the United States. Although, Covid-19 is still the biggest threat to human lives at this point, I am confident that we will get through it, but the racial injustice and corrupted people in government have and will continue to be an issue for years to come- until we make a change.

I believe that the next leader should be supportive of every American life. Being a president comes with responsibilities that most would not be able to complete. I believe that when someone is elected it is because the nation trusts them with the duties that comes with the presidency. 

I am trusting that the president will do things like, provide money and support to public schools, provide support to communities that are affected by gang violence, fund city police forces with proper training to understand that throwing a man or women on the floor isn’t controlling them but only harming them.

An issue that I think is important for the next leader to take action upon is climate change. I want the next leader to listen to science and work with all 50 states to make a plan to convert the nation into an eco-friendly nation. 

I want the next leader to put children’s education as a main priority. With the ongoing pandemic many educational institutions have taken their education to an online platform. With school transitioning to an online platform, mental health support has been challenged. I believe that students can and should have more support systems.

These are tough times. This upcoming election will determine how the next four years will go and how the next generation will grow. I want a leader who will make a change and protect the natural rights of all Americans.

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