Letter to the next president

Anthony Jasso

Chronicle Reporter

To whomever may take the Oval Office as President in the election of 2020:

Politics has become a concept that was once thought to be solely followed by adults across America, but there has been a change as of late. The nation’s youth have begun to pay attention to what is said on television and phone screens and they are no longer blind to the democracy we live in. 

I’d go as far as to say a heavy weight of expectation is placed onto the shoulders of the next generation. A common consensus in many schools and much of the youth is the depths in which our democracy has fallen. Whether it is due to the modern politicians or a failed system of democracy- which has lost its way. Adults are not the only ones that see the nation for what it is. We, the next generation, hold the future of this country and it seems as though our voices have fallen upon deaf ears. 

Politicians run with intentions of creating a better future for the youth, but neglect what they have to say. Should we continue to ignore young voices, we may lead this country to its demise. The children understand, they want to voice opinion, and they want to help shape their future. In order to succeed, we must ensure that youthful voices from schools and across the nation have platforms to be heard. And not just by the public, but by politicians too. We may be too young to vote, but we can still make a change. All it takes is hearing us out. 

Schools house the young minds that have the possibility of changing the future. A community in itself that carries opinions of great number. Listen to what schools have to say. Have institutions of learning voice their opinions in any way they can. Whether it be through letters, social media, or schools vocalizing opinions. Let the youth participate, let’s see what future we can shape together.

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