Conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Mary Pogosian

Chronicle Reporter

Armenian protesters shut down the Hollywood freeway on Oct. 3 to draw attention to the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Tensions were first seen between Azerbaijan and Armenia on Sep. 28.

 Countless crimes against Armenia have been committed by Azerbaijan and Turkey. Armenia witnessed the bombing of an old historical Amernian church on Oct. 8. Since then, Azerbaijan and Turkey have also been involved in the bombings of civilian neighborhoods, hospitals and schools in Artash, which is the land that these three nations are fighting over. In hopes of winning the war, both Turkey and Azerbaijan, have forcibly hired known terrorists to help them defeat Armenia. 

Azerbaijan’s goal is to take back Artash and completely annihilate the country of Armenia- with the help of Turkey. Turkey and Azerbaijan are seeking to conquer Armenia together and make it their own country.

To understand the reasoning behind the current war, I have created a timeline of events. 

1915: The Armenian Genocide took place. 

1918: Soviet union leader, Joseph Stalin, took a piece of Armenia’s land and turned it into a country now called Azerbaijan

1918 – 1991: Armenia was still recovering as a country from the Genocide, while Azerbajian grew their military. 

1995: Azerbaijan wanted more Armenian land, which led to a war. However, in this war, Armenia took Artash back from them. 

1995-2020: Conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia grew, fighting over which country owns Artash. 

September 28, 2020: Azerbaijan wanted to take Artash back from Armenia, leading to another war. 

October 3, 2020: Armenian protesters shut down the Hollywood freeway to draw attention to the situation. 

October 8, 2020: Armenia witnessed a bombing of an old historical Armenian church.

As for me, I believe Armenia has been unfairly targeted by Azerbaijan. Armenia seems innocent in this situation because they want peace, when Azerbaijan wants more of Armenia’s land. 

I believe people all over the world should spread awareness to the danger that Armenia is facing. This situation should be recognized because it could affect many other countries surrounding Turkey. If Turkey and Azerbaijan ever take the whole country of Armenia, they might want parts of other countries as well, such as Greece. 

There are many ways to help Armenia right now: 

  1. Donations to the Armenian Fund would allow for the purchases of medical and surgical equipment to treat wounded civilians and soldiers. This fund would also allow for the purchases of supplies like clothing and blankets for the victims of the war. 

Here is the link to donate:

  1. Raising awareness on social media can also help bring attention to the problem in Armenia. You can do this by posting videos about what is happening in Armenia and you can also post donation sites, like the one above.

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