Here are some vegan candies you can enjoy

Maria Hernandez

Opinion Editor

Halloween is tomorrow! Take advantage of Halloween and eat all the treats you want.

Are you vegan and looking to eat the sweetest treats on Halloween? Well, here is a list of vegan candies you can enjoy on Halloween night. 

Skittles: In 2010, Skittles announced that they would stop using gelatin in their candies. (Gelatin contains animal products.)

Twizzlers:  Twizzlers are completely vegan.

Fruit by the Foot: Enjoy a sweet vegan fruity treat.

Airheads: These sweet treats come in a variety of flavors and are vegan friendly!

Enjoy Life Chocolate: Enjoy Life Chocolate offers dark chocolate and rice milk chocolate, both of them are certified vegan and are allergen-friendly!

We hope you have a nice and fun Halloween. Stay safe!

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