Start studying for AP exams

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Start studying for AP exams

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Maria Hernandez

AP Exams will be starting on May 11, which means that students should now be preparing for the exams. This year, Collegeboard has modified the AP exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of taking a 2-hour test students will be taking a 45-minute test, and it will be at home through an app. 

Even though the exams have been modified it is highly encouraged that students study for the exams. 

Here are some websites that can help with studying.

The college board website offers practice exams for most subjects. This website also offers grading rubrics that helps students understand how the exam is graded.

This website offers chapter summaries, practice tests, and vocabulary help for some courses. The courses available on this website are: AP English, AP European History, AP Microeconomics, AP Psychology, AP U.S Government, AP U.S History, AP World History.

Khan academy is a website where students can take courses for any subject. This website includes courses and test study guides for many AP classes. 

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