Hollywood releases virtual school tour

Nayeli Alviar

Photo Editor

A seven minute video was released by Hollywood High, showcasing the school’s many attributes. The tour was led by Dr. Reid, Mr. Dovlatian, and Ms. Nezu. In this virtual tour you get to see the campus students and staff members walk through everyday. We get glimpses of every SLC and all they have to offer. We also get to see different rooms where the creativity of students get to shine like the choir room, the recording studios, H studios, theater class, and the auditorium. The video is a great representation of all that Hollywood is and with the pandemic still going on it may be a good assistance for incoming freshmen to be familiar with the campus. 

Video Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B_t2gdCqjtjEKvOpMFrWv6WXQHs5ZToI/view

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