Macbeth opens on Thursday

Alexander Oppenheimer

Chronicle Reporter

The 2019 fall play will be the famous Shakespeare play “Macbeth” directed by John Tourtellotte, who promises a “scary good time.” The opening night is Oct. 3 and the play runs Oct. 4-6.

The plot is that Lord Macbeth is a great warrior and general who is helping put down a rebellion against the king. On the way back from the battle he encounters some witches who tell him he will be king one day. Either he can wait or he can kill his way to the crown. After deciding to take action, the guilt of committing this murder breaks Lord and Lady Macbeth from the inside.

Tickets start at $3 for students and family members if one buys them presale. The first three nights will be shown at 7pm and on Sunday the play will show at 2 p.m.

The play is not scheduled to be during school hours but Tourtelotte says that he wants to talk to administration about allowing students to get a free preview of the play.

 Lord Macbeth is played by Sullivan Brock, and Lady Macbeth is played by Randella Drew. Banquo, Macbeth’s best friend, is played by junior Milo Koyfman.

Within the acting community there is a superstition about this mysterious play. One of the beliefs is that during the play the prop knife that is used has been switched with a real knife which causes the actors to accidentally stab the other. The other side of the superstition is just that it is a fun thing to joke about with the other actors and actresses.

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