Students donate to Red Cross blood drive

Cristal Rincon

Chronicle Reporter

In partnership with the Red Cross, Hollywood High School Leadership hosted the second blood drive of the year on Tuesday, May 3.

The blood drive was organized by Leadership’s Service and Wellness committee. They officiate sign ups, schedule everyone in, and keep in contact with the Red Cross. They also help set up the gym, and clean up afterwards. The gym is stocked with necessary supplies, set up with a waiting room, and various stations where the donors get their blood drawn.

Emily Hellstrom, SAS sophomore and leadership member said, “It’s important for us to host this event because in the scheme of things, we are saving lives.”

This time, around 82 students signed up to donate. For some, this was their first time donating. “I decided to donate blood because I felt that I could actually help people,” said Kegan Standridge, SAS junior. “The experience was long, but rewarding. Afterwards, it gives you a new outlook on life.”

According to the American Red Cross, one donation can potentially save three lives. Altogether, Hollywood High School saved about 246 lives through donating.

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