Like any other year

Rafael Hernandez
Chronicle Reporter

A good two weeks before graduation day and so far senior year has felt like any other year. I made new friends and tried new things. The senior project was not so hard but time consuming. Applying to colleges in November was fun and exciting, applying for FAFSA was a little stressing, and finding out whether I got accepted into the colleges I applied to was very scary.

Senior Breakfast at Dave & Buster’s was fun but the food did not satisfy my expectations. The bagel was hard as a rock and the eggs tasted disgusting. The bacon was dripping in grease. Yuck. The fun part about it were the games.

The one thing that was very disappointing about senior year was the lack of senior activities. I’d say that the only one was Senior Breakfast. Disneyland didn’t feel at all worth the price.

That is why senior year felt like any other year.

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