Hollywood Seniors Explore SMC

Melanie Aguilar

Chronicle Reporter

Hollywood seniors on SMC campus

Hollywood High seniors took a trip to Santa Monica College on March 12 to get a hands on experience on the college life. Over 50 students attended the field trip where they were able to gather information about a potential college choice. 

The trip consisted of a mock registration for potential classes if students attended SMC. There was also a very beneficial activity that gave students a chance to place themselves into groups based on what type of person they perceived themselves as. This grouping provided many major choices based on the self evaluation our students did. The six different groups were the thinkers, creators, helpers, persuaders, and organizers. The groups would them come together and discuss the similarities they shared in terms of majors and career plans. Shortly after this, students heard from SMC students as they shared their own experiences in a student panel.

“It was the most informative aspect of the trip because we were able to hear from students not to far from our ages on what the college life is all about” said Jadine Ramirez, SAS senior. 

After the student panel, we were given meal vouchers for up to $8, and students had an opportunity to eat various food options at the SMC cafeteria. From this, seniors were able to get a taste of the lifestyle they will be living in a couple months. As the last activity of the day, Hollywood students participated in a scavenger hunt to better explore the campus. From looking into particular majors that sparked our students interests to familiarizing ourselves with the campus, Santa Monica College will definitely be taken into consideration for many of our students. 

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