Take action this March

Elvira Roman

Chronicle Reporter

Since 1991, the United States observed Women’s History Month and on March 8 International Women’s Day will be celebrated. We use this month to celebrate women and their accomplishments, courage, cultural achievements and etc.

Another way to appreciate women is by helping organizations. Here is a list of a few non-profit organizations based in Los Angeles that would appreciate a donation. If a donation can’t be made why not help by volunteering and giving back to the community.

East Los Angeles Women’s Center

This organization was founded in 1976 by women in East LA. ELAWC helps women who survive domestic abuse and sexual violence. Their mission is to make sure women and their families live in a place free from violence and provide access to health services and social support as well.


Downtown Women’s Center

Founded in 1978, this organization was the first housing provider for women in the United States. This organization provides a health clinic for homeless women located in Skid Row. Their goal is to end homelessness for women in Los Angeles by providing them with housing, employment, and wellness.


Los Angeles LGBT Center

The LGBT Center has an organization that is membership based and helps support their vital services for women and girls. The Los Angeles Women’s Network provides opportunities for service, education, and networking.


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