Thrift shopping Vs. Fast fashion

Posted on November 7, 2018 by in Features


Chronicle Reporter
Sophie King-Nichols

Thrift shopping has been around forever , being the number one source for teens that like to shop for vintage clothing. However it also is a great way to protest against fast fashion companies. In my freshman year at Grand Arts High School people were all dressed in very unique clothing, I remember seeing their outfits and loving the way they expressed themselves through their clothes. I decided that I wanted to venture out more into the world of thrift myself. Automatically it became a huge outlet for me to express myself, I loved going to thrift shops and finding the wackiest items and figuring out how to actually make it cute. It truly helped me find a part of myself that I’ve never really seen before.

After thrifting for quite a while I found myself never really interested in the items that were sold at fast fashion shops, (Forever 21, H&M, etc). None of their articles caught my eye. Soon after many fast fashion clothing brands were exposed for the way they produce majority of their clothing. Companies like Nike and Forever 21 were soon busted for having children as young as 9 working in factories in china and many other third world countries, being paid in extreme unfairness. After learning about things like that I soon grew a small hatred for fast fashion. Causing my love for thrift to grow.

I now try to influence my friends and people around me to also start thrift shopping and ditching the big name brand companies. Yes there are some good companies that support good causes and fight for the little guy, but you have to do your research. If you’re someone that seeks an outlet for self expression then I highly recommend checking out a thrift shop near you. Some thrift shops near our campus would be “Out of the closet” located on Sunset Blvd. they support aids awareness and give free HIV and STD tests. Another one of my favorites would be Jetrag located on La Brea, and make sure to go there on Sunday when everything is $1! I hope you decide to check one of these shops out, because it’s actually really fun!

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