A Silent Nerve-Wracking Thriller You Need to See

Elissa Martinez

Chronicle Reporter

A Quiet Place states in the trailer that if they hear you, they haunt you. This movie is about a family who have to live in silence in order to survive because these flesh-eating creatures who have taken over hunt by sound. While attempting to survive, they try to figure out the creatures’ weakness to destroy them.

A Quiet Place was a very silent movie to where if you were munching on some popcorn during the really silent parts almost everyone was able to hear you. Every time someone made a noise in the movie I couldn’t help but hold my breath since it was so nerve-wracking. The jump scares also got me and most of the audience because that was the only time the movie got really loud. Overall the movie was great and it is highly recommended that you watch it in the movie theater to get the full thrilling experience.

Click here to check out the trailer for A Quiet Place.

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