“A Quiet Place” leaves you silent in fear

Posted on April 9, 2018 by in Entertainment

Josue Abarca

Chronicle Reporter

Image result for a quiet place posterAn intense movie about a family surviving an apocalypse ravaged by mysterious, scary creatures while being as silent as possible? That calls for a hit at the box office for sure! Despite the season not being around the spooky time, it is still a great moment to watch “A Quiet Place”. The movie took people by surprise, with it being actor, and now director, John Krasinski’s first big horror/thriller film.

Lee Abbott, portrayed by Krasinski himself, is a husband and father teaching his young children to learn how to stay alive in the new world in which they live in. Alongside him is Krasinski’s own wife, Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, the wife of Lee. She promptly looks over the children and makes sure to protect them at all costs. Since Krasinski and Blunt have a real life relationship, it is quite easy for them to show a strong and powerful husband and wife in the movie. The children themselves express themselves very well in the movie, each having a purpose to the family and showing how they feel despite not speaking a single word in the amount of time they have had. “A Quiet Place” hit the theaters with great reviews and box office praise over the weekend and is still going strong. It’s still a great time to catch this movie while it is out.



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