WASC visit keeps school in check

Carlos Agaton

Chronicle Reporter

As we all know the WASC team has been lurking around campus this week. It all began on Sunday March 12 when faculty and staff gave a warm welcome to the WASC committee. Students and parents were also present as they met with the committee while having a late brunch.

Yesterday, March 12 it started with an early meeting between WASC and ICC members. Students also had a privilege to meet the team as they would get asked questions about the school and hopes of answering truthfully.  Throughout the day any given WASC member was able to walk into any ones class just to take a brief look at what was going on. At times questions would be asked to students and teachers but it is just part of what they are here to do.

WASC also known as, Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The purpose of WASC is to briefly observe what is going around campus. Also to assure and evaluate the quality of education that the students are receiving.

Tuesday Mar. 13 will be much of the same  as they will continue their evaluation across campus. It will all end with a faculty meeting in where the WASC visit will be debriefed. We hope that the WASC observation goes well for the school and remember do not slack off or panic when a WASC member enters the room.


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