Madison Beer releases EP

Mayeli Acuna

Chronicle Reporter


Madison Beer released her first ever EP, As She Pleases, on Feb. 2nd of 2018. It has received positive feedback by many around the world and with it only have seven tracks it was not a let down. Why As She Pleases? Beer explains “To me As She Pleases is about strength, empowerment, and attitude. It’s about trusting in yourself, knowing your worth, and above all else never allowing anyone or anything to break your spirit. Happiness, self love and self empowerment. This is your life. Do as you please… I sure do.” A great way to explain why this EP has great meaning to her and it should let all find expectance in themselves. This EP has a range of tunes that many teenagers can relate to, since she is a teen herself. All these tracks have a sense is empowerment and all will make you sing from the top of your lungs. SAS Junior, Katherine Delgado says “I really get into singing Fools, it’s just so tempting to sing.”

Track 1: Dead
Track 2: Fools
Track 3: Heartless
Track 4: Tyler Durden
Track 5: Home with You
Track 6: Teenager In Love
Track 7: Say it to my Face

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