An increase of homelessness

Jacob Hu

Chronicle Reporter

There has been an increase of homelessness in Los Angeles. Thousands of volunteers are taking action by coming out across Los Angeles to count the number of people living on the streets. To get a certain percentage of people who live on the streets, there is a survey which volunteers can take called the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count. The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count is part of a survey performed every year since 2005 as part of a national census, with the data reported to the federal government for funding purposes.

There has been reports that nearly 8,000 volunteers are going out over a three day period to try to count the number of homeless people in LA County’s nearly 4,000 square miles. More people should take this survey to get a better feedback on the percentage of homeless people living on the streets. Homelessness has become an epidemic throughout Los Angeles and it must be detained so that more people can walk outside with more satisfaction.

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