Sheiks start on the right foot for season

Guadalupe Huerta

Jennifer Leon

Chronicle Reporter 

 The Sheiks stay undefeated after a victory against Mendez from both the Varsity and JV team. Varsity won with a score of 4-2 and JV with a score of 4-1.

    While others spent their Thanksgiving break with their family, the boys soccer team  practiced non-stop. They even had pre-season game to help them get ready for the season.

    The team has been working hard endlessly, pushing through vacations and late nights to improve their techniques and footwork.“I’ve trained everyday, tried my hardest, try to be a role model for the whole team,” claims Kevin Acevedo,TCA Junior JV Captain.

    The Sheiks have been preparing for official season with constant practices and drills as a means to lead the way to victory.  From running laps to working on footwork, the boys soccer team worked hard to score in their first games of the season.

    The varsity team kicked off the season on Nov. 17 with a tie of 0-0 against Panorama. JV also won, they beat Panorama 2-1. However, on Nov. 27 Varsity came back strong to take the win against Contreras with the final score of 2-0. JV also won with a score 2-0.

Despite their first half of practice without a coach, due to the coach’s busy schedule the Sheiks manage to keep a high head and have positive hopes for future games. “I look forward to winning the league, hopefully, and if we do good enough we could actually take CIF. I believe we have a good team,” said Hugo Garcia, SAS Junior, Varsity captain.

Due to the other teams forfeiting for several games, the Sheiks have not been able to play every game scheduled for this season.  “I am not happy about cancelled games, neither is the rest of the team but some things have to happen. Like the other team did not have enough players ready to play, but we just really want to play games,” said Hugo Garcia.

On Nov. 30, the Sheiks played rival school, Bernstein. Varsity ended with a winning score of 1-0 while JV lost with a score of 2-1.

So far the Sheiks have been undefeated, winning every game that they have played. If they keep it up they will make it to playoffs again.

“My expectations for this team are high. Depending on the players but for us its hopefully winning league and going as far as we can on playoffs.” said Franklin Ayala, Varsity coach.


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